I am currently reading through Peter Kreeft’s new novel An Ocean Full of Angels. I am on page 302 of 372 and, I must say, am nearly bowled over every time I open the book. It is unbelievably clever, witty, poignant, sorrowful and hopeful, challenging, and beautiful. Reading this book is like being caught in a whirlwind, or a great storm at sea: each page is a crashing wave and a flash of lightening, piercing my soul. It is the kind of book I wish I had read ten years ago and each year since. The message of the book is unabashed; it pulls no punches and it will leave either scars or impressions depending on the state of your mind. One must read this book with an openness to beauty, otherwise its lucid prose will not wash you but drown you, like an ocean.


This book, more than any other book I have recently read, broke my heart. It is well worth the read.