About This Blog

I am a philosopher (and now also a lawyer) interested mostly in the areas of normative ethics, especially virtue ethics and natural law, and metaphysics, especially concerning the problem of universals.

3 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Dear you

    I like the blog, but would like to know who writes in it. As I do not seem to find out from the blog, please notify me concerning this.

    Best wishes from

    Frode Bjørdal

    • Greetings Frode. I do not put my real name up on the blog because it is very searchable and my wife and I like our privacy. I apologise that the blog posts are so infrequent – we moved to Nashville, TN and things have been busy. I am glad to know that you like the blog.


  2. Windy Wilson said:

    I enjoyed your blog, I will come back to read more and reread parts. Bridging Faith and Reason. I am reminded of GK Chesterton’s Father Brown of the Father Brown Mysteries. Father Brown was able to detect a thief masquerading as a priest because the thief criticized reason which is also a gift from God.
    Thanks again.

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